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Makana Charters is a native Hawaiian family owned business that takes pride in providing the best possible experience for visitors to Kauai. For over 20 years we have been offering tours of the Na Pali coast on custom-built touring catamarans that were designed to provide the ultimate touring experience.

Meet Our Crew

1 Makana Charters is proud of our Captain & Crew. Each member brings an individual character to the boat that you will get to know throughout your 5-hour tour. All share the history, love of the ocean, and particularly the special Na Pali coastline that they are all proud to show Kauai’s visitors day in and day out.

2 All of our staff are long-time Kauai Residents – They all have a deep, intimate knowledge of the island and it’s coastline. Most of their stories about the history of the Na Pali coast are fascinating. It’s a great honor to have such a passionate staff who truly love their job. Each tour on the Makana or the Na Pali Kai 3 you’ll end with one of these Captain’s and a Crew member.











We are proud of our Captains & Crew

We do things a bit differently

At Makana Charters, we do things a bit differently. To us, a tour is much more than a 5 hour journey – it’s an introduction to our backyard that we hope you will enjoy as much as we do day in and day out. It’s why we have guests coming back year after year, and telling their friends and family to come with us. One is that we do our best to share Aloha with everyone who boards our boat.

The true spirit of Aloha

Many companies hire inexperienced people for their crew – people who are new to the island and don’t fully understand themselves the true spirit of Aloha. We are proud to say that each crew member has been on Kauai for a long time if not their entire life. It’s important to us that each crew member has not only knowledge of the places we visit, but also a deep sense of connection to the island and the Na Pali coast. In fact, when our crew isn’t working aboard our boats, you will often see them along the Na Pali coast anyway on their own time, in their own boat

Come meet our wonderful crew and let them show you their backyard of the amazing Na Pali Coast!

Come meet our wonderful crew and let them show you their backyard of the amazing Na Pali Coast! You have many options for touring the Na Pali, but none give you so many people with such deep passion (as well as experience) with Na Pali.

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