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Native Family Owned for Generations

1 Makana Charters is proud of our Captains & Crew. Each member brings an individual character to the boat that you will get to know throughout your 5-hour tour. All share the history, love of the ocean, and particularly the special Na Pali coastline that they are all proud to show Kauai’s visitors day in and day out.

2 All of our staff are long-time Kauai Residents – They all have a deep, intimate knowledge of the island and it’s coastline. Most of their stories about the history of the Na Pali coast are fascinating. It’s a great honor to have such a passionate staff who truly love their job. Each tour on the Makana or the Na Pali Kai 3 you’ll end with one of these Captain’s and a Crew member.


Mike has been showing guests the Na Pali Coast for 16 years. He absolutely loves his job and the ability to see the diverse marine life in the water every day out there.
When he isn’t working he can be found in the water, either surfing or diving – usually on the Na Pali Coast.


Rob has been guiding trips on the Na Pali Coast for 16 years. His love of the ocean shines through in his smile. When you don’t see him crewing our boat you might find him on his own boat, enjoying the coast on his spare time! It’s safe to say that he loves his job where he can spend the day at his favorite spot on the island. Rob has seen it all, and is happy to talk stories about what he has seen along the way. Rob loves to share his passion with all around him.


A native Kauai resident, Darrell brings generations of knowledge on the island and Na Pali coast with him. He has been a crew member with us for the past 6 years, with a much longer resume of guiding guests around the island before that. When he is not crewing our boat you will probably find him fishing along the Na Pali coast – just another crew member who spends his free time doing the same things we are lucky enough to call our job!


Chris has been on Makana’s Crew for 13 years, eventually making his way up the ranks to Captain, which he has had that title for the past 6 years. It’s no secret that he loves his job, and the ability to show people the amazing journeys on the Na Pali Coast where no two tours are the same. He also loves the underwater world that awaits when we take you snorkeling. In his free time he enjoys surfing Kauai’s uncrowded West side.


Dave has been on Kauai for the past 10 years, and loves every minute of it. He is a family man with two teenage kids, but that doesn’t keep this kid-at-heart from treating work like play in the best possible way! He has a passion for sharing the Na Pali experience with first-timers, never getting tired of the awe and wonder that everyone always expresses. When he is not on the Na Pali coast he enjoys competitive canoe racing on the island, and spending time with his kids.


Phill has been with us for about 20 years (Liko Kauai Cruises). He has been on the Na Pali more than anyone we know. He is always around to lend helpful insight and share his countless stories and history of his time on the water. When he isn’t working, he volunteers with the YMCA and enjoys fishing offshore.

We are proud of our Captains & Crew

Come meet our wonderful crew and let them show you their backyard of the amazing Na Pali Coast!

Come meet our wonderful crew and let them show you their backyard of the amazing Na Pali Coast! You have many options for touring the Na Pali, but none give you so many people with such deep passion (as well as experience) with Na Pali.

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