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If you are looking for a beach on Kauai’s south shore that will give you fun thrills in a relatively safe environment, then Brennecke’s Beach is probably what you are looking for.  Situated right next to the busy park of Poipu Beach, Brennecke’s is tucked to the side and offers beachcombers with a perfect place to learn wave riding skills.

Poipu Beach park on Kauai

Brenneckes Beach to the left of the park

Poipu Beach Brennecke’s.  When ocean conditions permits, this beach is a favorite for local Keiki (children) for boogie boarding and body surfing.  The cove-shaped beach has a very small current and undertow compared to other beaches nearby.  There is also a lifeguard station at the beach, so help is not too far.  However, this beach can still be dangerous as the rocky shoreline can cause serious injuries to those who do not know what they are doing.  So please always talk to a lifeguard before going into the water to ensure that you know of all the dangers of that day.

But if you trust your swimming skills then you will find the waves at Brennecke’s Beach a lot of fun.  The beach direction picks up most south swells perfectly.  The bottom is a combination of sand and rock, with just enough sand to make standing a possibility.  However, there is just enough rock to make you want to think twice about going out in big waves – getting tossed onto the rocks here would definitely leave a mark.

You will often find sea turtles relaxing just outside the breakers, and since the road winds around the point next to the beach, the nearby rocks are a great place to take pictures of the local Honu.  Always be careful on the rocks though and watch out for waves that can come out of nowhere – remember to never turn your back on the ocean.

Poipu Beach Brennecke's

Brennecke’s Beach Kauai

Kauai’s South Shore has few places where it is safe for children and inexperienced swimmers to have some fun in the waves without a large danger of getting swept out to sea.  Other swimming areas are protected by reefs, sheltering the beach from the waves.  Brennecke’s is the perfect combination of sand and surf that will give you some exciting thrills, and hopefully a few decent rides.  When Poipu beach park is a sea of people, you might want to take the short walk over to Brennecke’s where there are usually less people.

If you are looking for some fun on the South Shore, Brennecke’s should definitely be on your things to do list.  After the beach you can can enjoy a thrilling sunset, particularly in the winter. During the Winter month, the south shore of Kauai has better ocean conditions than summer months.

Besides the summer months, We highly recommend the South shore during the winter months due to the beautiful Ocean conditions and weather.

See you there!

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