Get Ready for Fun Galore at the Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair

Get Ready for Fun Galore at the Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair

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For the most part, Kauai is all about a chilling and relaxing time, with touches of adventure. But few times a year, the Garden Isle gets to experience some mainland-style carnival craze, and the Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair is the biggest one to date.

The Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair is Kauai’s largest annual event that spans across four days of pure fun, entertainment, a taste of local fleur, and endless activities.

This post will unwrap how you can unleash the full feel of the fair and find something for every member of the family — from yourself to your keikis (kids).

A Brief Guide to the Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair

A bit of background

For four days, once a year, this festival brings together both locals and tourists who all gather to see what the local community has in store. 

In return, local farmers and producers get the visibility they deserve as they showcase the best examples of their produce in front of the largest ever audience.

The fair helps to support both local business owners and farmers—all proceeds go directly to the producers—as well as to push Kauai’s reputation as an eco-tourism-friendly destination

But for you as a visitor, it’s just a festival of great local music, amusing rides, authentic produce, exhibits, contests, and, of course, Hawaii’s lush cuisine.

It’s a fair, and fair means rides!

Like any fair, Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair is the perfect place to bring your kids if you’re on a family trip.

From toddlers to teenagers, there’s something for everyone so you will never have to worry that your kids feel bored while you’re off trying and tasting the magic from local farmers.

Taste and smell the entire Garden Isle

If something grows on Kauai, it will end up on the farm fair. From otherworldly flowers to exotic local produce, you will get to see, taste, and smell everything that the island can give.

Almost every year, farmers also have a demonstration area that depicts how farmers grow their produce, so you can see and show your kids what hard work that is to care for all these eye-catching treats. 

Get awed by the sheer variety of livestock

Chicks, lambs, steers, hogs, bunnies—they are all a part of farmers’ everyday life. And for dour days, you can make them a part of yours. 

You can see all this livestock up close in special petting zoos and even learn everything there is to know about farm animals from people who know them best—farmers. 

Enjoy live performances from local artists

No fair is complete without some live music. And the Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair brings Kauai’s local talent that gets to showcase its art in front of a large crowd.

From ukulele players to modern bands, you’ll get to experience the local vibrant atmosphere all in one place without having to jump from one spot to another to embrace it all. 

Don’t shy away from the contests

This festival usually features tons of contests—some are brand-sponsored, some are just organized on the spot. They are always fun and considering the fair is always full of the kindest and most amusing crowd, you’ll get to meet a lot of locals and fellow tourists who you can connect with for the rest of your trip.

And, once again, if you’re with kids, make sure they participate in any kind of activity—from talent shows to keiki Olympics to magicians’ performances.  

Savor the local food

While the fest is filled with typical fair carnival treats like cotton candy and pretzels, save your appetite for something much better.

The fair features a lot of delicious food places that have everything from traditional quinoa bowls and exotic fruit cups to more luscious kalua pig or fresh beef dishes.

Over to You

The Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair takes place in August. But don’t get upset if you happen to come to Kauai during a different month. While this is indeed the largest fair on the Garden Isle, the fun doesn’t begin and stop here.

Look at your trip dates and check this post that lists the most popular festivals and celebrations in Kauai—they take place almost every month so you’ll surely find the one that matches your holiday dates!

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