Anaina Hou Farmers Market on Kauai: A Quick Guide

Anaina Hou Farmers Market on Kauai: A Quick Guide

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When coming to the island of Kauai in Hawaii, you should never miss checking out the Anaina Hou Farmers Market

Residents enjoy going to this marketplace and highly encourage tourists and visitors to check it out—a must-see location on the island.

This article will quickly guide you on what you need to know about the Anaina Hou Farmers Market.

About Anaina Hou Farmers Market

The Anaina Hou Farmers Market on Kauai is growing as they continue to support local agriculture, local food distribution, local artisans, and the local economy. There are now over 40 vendors in the market. A variety of Kauai Grown Products and Kauai Made Crafts are available. Their demand has expanded to three locations, each with unique offerings from around the island. 

Where is Anaina Hou Farmers Market Located?

The farmer’s market is situated in the Anaina Hou Community Park in Kilauea. It is on the beautiful north shore of Kauai. 

On top of the weekly farmers market, visitors and guests can also enjoy entertainment, recreation, and educational events and services in the park. The Porter Pavilion events complex is available for rent, a unique Mini Golf & Gardens, a 17,000 sq. ft. playground, Wai Koa Loop Trail access, and much more.

What Can You Find in the Anaina Hou Farmers Market?

There are more than 40 island vendors selling Kauai-grown produce and Kauai-made crafts at the market. You can find the best fruits, vegetables, and bread at the Anaina Hou park farmers market.

There are always a variety of fruits and vegetables in every season. You may even see fruits that you may never have seen before. 

You can also find shrimp kabob, Asian cuisine, fresh fish, eggs, goat cheese, baked goods, frosties, honey, chocolate, plants, and some other items that might be found only at the market.

On top of food items, you find hand-made crafts that you can give as souvenir gifts when you return home. There are coconut postcards, coconut hats and baskets, palm baskets, pieces of jewelry, longbows, and more.

What Time Does the Farmers Market Open?

The farmers market is open every Saturday morning from 9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. 

If you want to have a better experience in the farmers market, it is best to be there right at 9:00 A.M. on Saturday, or you will miss the action. 

What Makes the Anaina Hou Farmers Market Great?

Aside from the fresh Kauai-grown produce and quality Kauai-made crafts, the Farmers Market is visited by many because of its warm environment. 

The majority of buyers and vendors know each other by name. The people have a deep and warm sense of community that is something to be experienced. 

This holds to their mission to create a community gathering place on Kauai’s north shore that honors the history and culture of these islands that calls us to Malama (care for) the land and sea, ourselves, and each other. And to their vision of bringing Kauai’s ohana and the world’s visitors together to enrich each other’s lives.

Are You Interested in a Guided Tour?

Experience Farm to Fork: Local Grown Culinary Experience. With the help of your guide, you will discover Kauai’s largest gathering of local farmers and choose fresh ingredients for your Ohana meal. 

The tour’s motto is “many hands make light work.” You will embody this motto as you help each other prep the unique ingredients before combining everyone’s efforts to bake a delicious meal.

During the tour, you will hear stories from the farmers, learn exciting information about the local history, and discuss why food security is essential to Kauai and the State. At the end of the tour, chefs prepare and serve local recipes using the just purchased ingredients.

As a souvenir, every participant will receive a grocery tote to remind them to buy local wherever they go!

The cost for this tour is $129 for each pair of participants. The price is inclusive of food and the souvenir tote.

Anaina Hou Farmers Market on Kauai: A Quick Guide
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Anaina Hou Farmers Market on Kauai: A Quick Guide
When coming to Kauai, you should never miss checking out the Anaina Hou Farmers Market. This post will guide you on what you need to know about this Farmers Market.
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