5 Beautiful Wedding Destinations in Kauai

5 Beautiful Wedding Destinations in Kauai

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With Kauai’s unmatched natural beauty, it’s no wonder why it has become a wedding hot spot in recent years. Outdoor setups render a lovely spirit to weddings, and Kauai has numerous spots featuring lush greens and memorable sceneries. Not to say holding an indoor wedding in Kauai is a no-go, because the island is also dotted with a number of indoor venues perfect for intimate celebrations.

For couples planning a destination wedding cradled in nature, here’s a list of 5 beautiful wedding locations in Kauai that’s sure to make a lasting impression on everyone participating.

5 Beautiful Wedding Locations in Kauai

1. Hanalei Bay

In spite of being the largest bay on the island, parts of Hanalei Bay are rarely crowded and offer plenty of room to do your own thing. Together with the bay’s calm and shallow waters, the ‘Crown Jewel of the North Shore’ makes for a gorgeous wedding destination for couples planning an intimate celebration.

This crescent-shaped bay is full of white sand and consists of four separate beaches within it, each offering a different vibe and scenery. Although this is the case, two out of the four beaches, Hanalei and Black Pot, see a lot of activity and may not be ideal for a wedding setup. The two other beaches, however, naturally have the perfect tropical garden setting for a picturesque ceremony.

The Waikoko Beach, situated on the western side of the bay, looks best in the summer and almost falls into Kauai’s secret beaches category. The way to the beach shore may be a little tricky, but it’s perfect for a tranquil wedding. The lush greenery provides a lot of shade and the spot is rarely crowded.

Second is the middle of the crescent-shaped bay, Waioli Beach. It also makes for a great outdoor wedding destination with spots filled with large grass lawn and plenty of shady areas for relaxing in the white sand. A part of this beach is also called “Pine Trees” as it consists of a lining of pine and ironwood trees. A cottagecore-themed wedding, anyone?

2. National Tropical Botanical Garden

The National Tropical Botanical Garden is a non-profit organization doing preservation and research work for a network of 5 gardens. In Kauai, the organization manages the South Shore Visitors Center and McBryde Garden, which are both stunning locations open for intimate wedding celebrations.

Located on the South Shore of the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i, McBryde Garden is nestled in the picturesque and historic Lawa’i Valley. The garden’s extensive collections of palms, flowering trees, orchids, and many others have been wild-collected by botanists and biologists from around the world to research, cultivate and thrive.

Needless to say, a wedding ceremony in this lush, tropical paradise will be nothing short of dreamy. This location is perfect for couples expecting an attendance of about 100-300 guests with the amount of space and exclusivity you get. Many couples who have been wed here say the venue perfectly reflects Kauai’s natural beauty, and we couldn’t agree more.

Just as beautiful is the South Shore Visitors Center located across Kauai’s famous Spouting Horn. It offers a spacious meadow that makes the perfect venue for couples that want the best of everything.

The location is best for an evening ceremony, where everyone will get to dance the night away under the stars. Sitting on a 10-acre tropical display garden with a waterfall that was once frequented by a Hawaiian Queen, the marrying couple and guests will definitely experience a ceremony of unparalleled natural beauty.

3. Na Aina Kai Botanical Garden

As a destination wedding venue it’s hard to beat Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens. It’s not just one venue but a myriad of unique locations, from a small, intimate setting in a tropical forest opening up to the Kaluakai Beach meadow and more.

Once a private estate, the bountiful gardens of Na Aina Kai are now open to the public for special occasions like weddings. It offers enough space for up to 150 guests and its tropical garden setting is sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone attending your memorable day.

Similar to holding your ceremony at any of the two National Tropical Botanical Garden’s sites, choosing Na Aina Kai as the site for your wedding allows you to contribute to the efforts of preserving the area’s natural surroundings. This rare and unique wedding location promises to provide you and your guests with an incomparable, intimate experience in nature’s embrace.

4. Lava Rock Church

For couples wanting an indoor ceremony in a church, the Lava Rock Church, also known as Christ Memorial Episcopal Church, offers a gorgeous albeit small space, ideal for intimate ceremonies.

The exterior of this historic church was built with native stone in 1941 and houses a hand-carved altar and intricate stained glass windows. The stained glass windows were shipped from England in 1935 and its recent restoration adds a delightful glow to the church’s indoors.

The congregation managing the church often allows non-members to be wed in their beautiful chapel. However, a reservation three months prior to the wedding date must be made to allow pre-marital counseling and marriage preparation, in line with the church’s commitment to Christian marriages.

5. Princeville Ranch

Princeville Ranch is a 2,500 acre family run ranch on Kauai’s exclusive North Shore. With Hanalei mountains as a background, this historical ranch offers several spectacular sites perfect for small intimate ceremonies to large celebratory receptions. The area boasts a 360-degree panoramic view of the North Shore’s majestic mountains and ocean views and will have your heart set on riding in on horseback for a tropical waterfall wedding.

In addition to beautiful ceremony sites, the ranch also offers two venues for any type of reception. A newly renovated barn, called the Po’oku Barn, has a rustic yet contemporary feel that makes a perfect location for parties up to 75 people. It offers cool breezes, comfortable lounge areas, spacious covered dining areas, and a viewing deck to soak in the North Shore mountain ranges.

For a bigger ceremony, The Po’oku Meadow has the same glorious mountain views and provides a blank canvas for you to design the reception of your dreams for a gathering of up to 300 people. With these two options that the ranch has in place, it’s a site worth considering for couples who are yet to decide between an intimate or large attendance.

Say Your Vows in Kauai

For such a special day, it’s never a bad idea to pick a location that’s just as noteworthy. From gardens to quaint chapels, Kauai offers lovers wedding locations they will enjoy looking back on.

We’ve highlighted only 5 of the island’s most romantic spots but you’ll surely find many more with its abundance of natural beauty. We hope this list helps you plan a truly memorable day and we look forward to seeing you say your vows in the tranquil and beautiful island of Kauai.

5 Beautiful Wedding Destinations in Kauai [Infographic]

5 Beautiful Wedding Destinations in Kauai [Infographic]

5 Beautiful Wedding Destinations in Kauai
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5 Beautiful Wedding Destinations in Kauai
For couples planning a destination wedding cradled in nature, here’s a list of 5 beautiful wedding locations in Kauai.
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