8 Perfect Spots for a Honeymoon in Kauai

8 Perfect Spots for a Honeymoon in Kauai

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Aren’t honeymoons just lovely? A week or so spent away with the love of your life, just getting to know each other and celebrating a new union. Imagine that feeling, with the beautiful island of Kauai as your backdrop.

Kauai has been a top destination for honeymooners for many years and it’s no wonder why. With its lush greens, gorgeous scenery, and old charm, the Garden Isle of Hawaii makes for the perfect romantic setting.

If you’re planning to spend your honeymoon in Kauai, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover the most romantic spots on the island and learn a few tips to make the most of your first holiday as a couple.

Kauai North Shore: Honeymoon Spots

The North Shore of Kauai can be summed up in a single word: paradise. This part of the island boasts majestic waterfalls, crystal clear beaches, and lush jungles dotted with tropical flowers. In this enchanted slice of paradise, you can also explore ancient landmarks and wander through quaint neighborhoods – perfect for the adventurous type of couple.

1. Princeville

One of Hawaii’s finest ocean view resort communities is Princeville. With a backdrop of lush and tropical mountains lined with waterfalls, Princeville sits on the cliffs overlooking the Hanalei Bay and the distant Bali Hai, also known as Makana Mountain.

Activities in the Princeville area include horseback rides along the mountain range, ziplining, kayaking up the Hanalei River, and a whole variety of fun water sports to do with a partner including snorkeling.

2. Hanalei

Just west of Princeville is the peaceful Hanalei Town. Graced with timeless beauty, this lovely small town is home to everything from historic places to contemporary art galleries.

An iconic spot that’s perfect for a couple wanting to stroll would be Hanalei Pier, which has long been a favorite gathering place for local residents. You can come just to relax, or go fishing and swimming. If you’re lucky, you might catch locals playing music by the sea, which is truly a unique and enjoyable scene to witness.

Kauai East Coast: Honeymoon Spots

The East Coast of Kauai is sometimes referred to as the Royal Coconut Coast for the groves of palm trees surrounding the area. Like the North Shore, the East Coast is also home to many of Kauai’s amazing beaches, historical places, and public attractions.

However, it falls under the upper scale areas of the island with resorts and popular restaurants marking the coast. It’s a great choice for couples who enjoy staycations and have a taste for the finer things in life.

3. Kapaa

Kapaa is a great shopping location in Kauai. If your love language is gifting your partner with little things, the Kinipopo Shopping Village offers a variety of boutiques that you and your partner can explore.

Other stops include the Wailua Shopping Plaza, which houses several restaurants and an eclectic antique shop, and the Coconut Marketplace, with dozens of shops in which you’ll find Hawaiian mementos, fine artwork, antiques, jewelry and craft items. If you’re looking for the perfect, made in Hawaii keepsake, make your way to Kapaa.

4. Lihue

Lihue is the government and commercial center of the island, as well as a cultural and historical area. This may be the most traveled town on Kauai since it is home to Kauai’s main airport and Nawiliwili Harbor, the island’s major commercial shipping center and cruise ship port.

For activities, head to Kalapaki Beach to try bodysurfing, surfing, and swimming. In Lihue you’ll also find one of Kauai’s best waterfalls, Wailua Falls, which offers amazing scenery for photos and just getting in touch with nature.

Kauai West Coast: Honeymoon Spots

Kauai’s west side may feel like a world away from the rest of the island. Here, natural wonders and historic sites meet quaint small towns, rewarding visitors with a glimpse of Kauai mainly seen by locals. If you and your partner are huge fans of art and history, Kauai’s West Coast is the honeymoon destination for you.

5. Hanapepe

Also known as “Kauai’s Biggest Little Town”, Hanapepe is the perfect spot for artistic couples who enjoy being surrounded by historical buildings, local eateries, and art galleries. It served as the model for the Disney film Lilo and Stitch.

On Thursday afternoons, Hanapepe Town also hosts a farmer’s market where you can get fresh produce and try local eats. Finally, don’t miss Hanapepe Art Nights that are held every Friday. It’s an amazing celebration of Kauai’s artists including musicians and craftsmen, and can make for a wonderfully colorful evening.

6. Waimea

This historic seaport town is home to a variety of small shops and businesses as well as a growing number of tech companies. Along with Hanapepe, Waimea Town is an off-the-beaten-path discovery that’s a great place to stop as you explore Kauai’s West Side.

While you’re in Waimea Town, stop by the West Kauai Technology & Visitor Center, a great place to learn more about Kauai’s past. The center features exhibits, programs and weekly activities that reflect the diversity of Kauai’s agricultural community.

Kauai South Shore: Honeymoon Spots

Much like the East Coast, Kauai’s South Shore is filled with resorts, golf, shopping, beaches and sights. You’ll also find plenty of charming boutiques and ocean-side restaurants. The South Shore is where the party’s at, so if you and your partner enjoy dining, nightlife, and shopping, consider adding the following spots in the South Shore into your itinerary.

7. Koloa

Historic and picturesque, the Koloa district spans from Old Koloa Town to Kauai’s beautiful South Shore in Poipu. The district has retained much of its charm with shops, bars, and restaurants now occupying the plantation buildings from Kauai’s sugar plantation era. It’s a great place to learn more about Kauai’s history as well as party it up in the town’s resort area.

A great activity would be exploring the Koloa Heritage Trail, which covers 14 cultural, historical and geological sites from Old Koloa Town to Poipu. If you and your partner are curious about nightlife in Kauai, head over to the exciting Poipu Beach, where you can wine and dine in luxurious resorts like the Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club.

8. Kalaheo

Located in southwestern Kauai, Kalaheo is a growing community with many new housing subdivisions. Although the district is mostly residential, Kalaheo has a great selection of pubs, restaurants, and amusement spots.

A unique and fun activity would be stopping by at Kalaheo’s fairgrounds. The Kalaheo Fair always has events scheduled that appeal to everyone, from rides and attractions to agricultural events and festivals.

Kalaheo also has a dozen of great places to get caffeinated, being home to the largest coffee plantation in the island. Stop by at the Kalaheo Cafe and Coffee Company for an informative tour around their huge plantation and a sample of some of Kauai’s best coffee variants.

Tips for Planning a Honeymoon in Kauai

Rent a Car

Unless you’re on a fairly leisurely schedule, you’ll need a car or motorcycle to go around Kauai. The island has only one major road that goes along the entire area except the Na Pali Coast.

When booking accommodations, we suggest checking your options if they offer car rentals. This should be the most hassle-free and secure way to acquire a car for a honeymoon trip that must go smoothly. Otherwise, if you need a specific type of vehicle, there are plenty of car rental options especially around the island’s east and south sides.

Explore the Waters

Kauai is blessed with both gorgeous ocean views and healthy marine life. A trip to the island won’t be complete without taking a dip in its beaches or experiencing a memorable cruise through its world-famous coastline.

Surprise your partner with an intimate catamaran tour across the Na Pali Coast, which is a popular activity for honeymooners. During a boat tour, you’ll be able to explore multiple sea caves, spot dolphins, and get unobstructed views of Kauai’s stunning coastline. To make it more romantic, book a slot nearing sunset for the most memorable golden cruise.

Take Your Time

The island is better experienced when you’re not in any rush. Kauai’s history, culture, and scenery encompass many details which you can appreciate better if you take your time.

Although there are many things to experience in Kauai, we suggest planning an itinerary that won’t have you tight on time. Plan your routes and do a quick research on parking, ticketing, and open hours for each spot you’re visiting.

8 Perfect Spots for a Honeymoon in Kauai [Infographic]

8 Perfect Spots for a Honeymoon in Kauai [Infographic]

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