6 Best Picnic Spots in Kauai

6 Best Picnic Spots in Kauai

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Picnics are a simple and fun way to enjoy nature and time off with friends and family. It’s a relaxing way to enjoy each other’s company as you soak up the Hawaiian sun and lounge to your heart’s content. Here are six of the best picnic spots that you can find in the beautiful island of Kauai.

Top 6 Picnic Spots in Kauai

1. Poipu Beach Park

First on the list, in no particular order, is the breathtaking Poipu Beach Park which is a popular picnic spot among visitors and locals alike. The sights and sounds of the crescent-shaped beach offer a picnic experience unlike any other.

The pristine waters are the perfect sight to enjoy with family and friends. The sandy beach is large enough that it doesn’t get too crowded, even when there are a lot of people. Underneath the beautiful palm trees there is a perfect shaded picnic spot with picnic tables abound. The calm waters of the beach are great for children and reluctant swimmers as there is a gentle slope if you don’t want to reach the bottom.

For the adventurous travelers, snorkeling is also available at the beach with different types of aquatic life to peruse at your liking. A picnic wouldn’t be complete without food, and there are plenty of options just across the street in case you didn’t bring a picnic basket along with you. There are puka dogs, various delis, and an ice cream place for dessert.

2. Salt Pond Beach Park

Just past the Kauai Veterans Cemetery in the charming town of Hanapepe lies Salt Pond Beach Park. It is a beautiful family beach where children and adults can relax. The beach is known for its calm atmosphere and favorable weather. It’s almost always sunny at Salt Pond making it an incredible picnic spot.

Travelers can enjoy long walks on the white sandy shores soaking up the warm Hawaiian sun, take a gander at the sparkling clear waters, or take a dip in the various swimming areas that the beach has to offer. No matter what you’re into, there are plenty of activities to let the day fly by at Salt Pond.

One of the best parts of swimming at the beach is its safety. Children are safe to swim at Salt Pond as it is one of the only lifeguarded beaches west of Poipu. It is also protected by the reefs all-year round resulting in calm waters. Locals have categorized the swimming areas as the main bay, the baby pond, and the airport side.

The main bay tends to be deeper and is great for swimming laps. While the baby pond is a calm and shallow area created by a large natural reef formation to the right of the main bay. As its name implies, the baby pond is the perfect spot for children to run and play. The airport side, on the other hand, is located to the left of the main bay situated next to the airport landing strip. It is a very calm spot more suitable for snorkeling.

While beach activities abound Salt Pond, outdoor picnic activities can also be enjoyed on the wide open breezy spaces. It is the perfect spot to fly a kite, play frisbee, play catch, throw a football, or for simply just running around and playing tag. The picnic tables are situated at a safe distance allowing parents to relax and safely watch their kids as they run around and play.

3. Black Pot Beach Park

Situated on the section of the famous Hanalei Bay between the mouth of Hanalei River and Hanalei Pier nestles Black Pot Beach. Interestingly enough, the beach is one of the only Kauai beaches without a Hawaiian name. The beach used to have a large black pot used to cook fish for celebrations, which is how it got its name.

Black Pot Beach offers a beautiful picnic spot where travelers can set up tents for a good campfire and BBQ picnic. The grass lawn area also has picnic tables and shade for maximum comfort and relaxation. At the back of the lawn area there are places where you can rent surfboards and stand-up paddle boards.

Accessibility is one of the hallmarks of Black Pot, you can simply just drive right up on the beach and enjoy everything it has to offer. The beautiful backdrop of the pier and the surrounding mountains creates a wonderful picturesque view of the sunset, so make sure to setup your camp or picnic early so you can enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

4. Tunnels Beach

One of the most secluded beaches located in Oahu’s west coast is the Tunnels Beach (Makua Beach). This golden sand beach is considered the ultimate snorkeling and surfing destination, but more than that it’s also a perfect picnic spot for families to soak up the beach vibes.

Most visitors to Oahu never actually get to visit this north shore beach, because there aren’t any tour buses that go there. The golden sand on Makua Beach stretches for about half a mile with beautiful tide pools and beach breaks for surfing.

The beach is teeming with wildlife, so bring your best pair of binoculars so you can see the dolphins that swim a few hundred yards off the shore and the whales beaching in the distance during the winter season.

Go to Tunnels Beach for the beautiful views, and stay for a picnic lunch to relax and enjoy. You will have to go through a bit of a steep walk to fully enjoy this location, but it will be well worth it.

5. Ke’e Beach

Ke’e Beach is a quintessential picnic spot with lots of room and shady areas south along its shoreline. When visiting this beach make sure to bring a snorkel mask, some fish food, a beach chair, a hammock, and a good book. Picnicking under the sun or under the shade is highly recommended.

The beach is also less crowded since it is spacious and there’s room for everyone to enjoy. Capture life’s greatest memories as you discover amazing photo opportunities a few yards down the shoreline and looking back north.

Ke’e Beach is a favorite among locals with its stunning views and the gorgeous beach. There is a trailhead here as well which takes travelers into the start of the Na Pali Coast, tread lightly though since it is a very steep climb.

6. Anini Beach

Last on the list is Anini Beach, boasting the longest and widest fringing reef in the Hawaiian Islands. There is no lifeguard posted at this beach, but it is still considered to be one of the safer beaches on Kauai’s north shore during the summer months. This is because of the unique conditions that result in well protected waters that are best for water activities. Outside of the protective reef, however, Anini Beach is known for its strong currents so always observe caution especially during high surf.

The beach is less crowded than Poipu or Hanalei, and it has pretty spacious spots for picnics. You’ll also be pleased to know that its beach park has multiple campsites with permits, shade trees, picnic tables, pavilions, restrooms, and showers.

Getting there is a little difficult since Google maps can only help to a certain point. It’s a remote location that can’t be found on the map, but the journey will be worth it once you get to experience the breathtaking views. The beach itself is quiet and clean, boasting amazingly clear waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The pillow-soft sand is quite a different experience, making Anini Beach a must-experience for travelers looking for a good time.

Picnic Your Way Around Kauai

Kauai is undoubtedly a perfect place for picnics with multiple spots offering shade, space, and stunning views. We hope this article helps you plan a picnic on your trip to Kauai. It’s a low-cost activity that can bring out lots of laughs and memories. And with beautiful Kauai as your picnic venue, that’s surely going to be one for the books.

6 Best Picnic Spots in Kauai (Infographic)

6 Best Picnic Spots in Kauai (Infographic)

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