5 Tips for Getting Married in Kauai

5 Tips for Getting Married in Kauai

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Kauai has always been one of the top wedding destinations — a lush Green Isle with mesmerizing beaches, friendly people, and plenty of picturesque locations you want to depict on your wedding pictures.

But before you head on to Kauai to take care of all the wedding-related business, there are a few things you should know of and consider.

We will run you through the key tips for setting an unforgettable Kauai wedding—a wedding you, your family, and friends will remember in years to come. And who knows you may want to come here once again for your 30th wedding anniversary—just to repeat this special experience!

Getting Married in Kauai: Everything You Should Know

Tip #1: Picking the Right Date

Kauai is home to great weather, all year round (even in winter!). So it really doesn’t matter if you’re in for a Summer or Winter wedding, Kauai’s climate will allow for it all.

Each season, however, comes with its own peculiarities you should know of:

  • Spring wedding: this is the time when tropical flowers blossom and you get to see some of the most vivid nature at its best.
  • Summer wedding: this is a very busy time on the island as locals are also out to enjoy the beauties of the island. It’s a perfect time for those newlyweds that want to add a pinch of excitement to their wedding and fill it with outdoorsy activities—from snorkeling and scuba diving to visiting the volcanoes.
  • Autumn wedding: this is the best time to catch some of the most mesmerizing views of the island. Because Autumn in Kauai comes with rainbows, some mist, and dramatic clouds in the sky.
  • Winter wedding: although Kauai’s weather doesn’t change too much during winter, you might suddenly catch rain during the colder months. But winter is a great time to catch unforgettable ocean views as powerful swells strike the oceanfront.

Also, you should consider the tourist aspect. Kauai tends to be busy all year round, but the September-November months tend to be quieter, so this is the perfect time for a wedding that has a more romantic touch.

Tip #2: Picking the Right Time

As for the time of day, try to set your wedding for sunset as Kauai has some of the most spectacular sky views. Also, the softer evening light will complement the wedding’s looks in the photos.

Tip #3: Choosing the right location

Kauai is full of options for a wedding location. You essentially have a choice between private and public venues.

As for private venues, you can choose between lush hotels, picturesque wineries, and private estates. But do make sure to find out if any of your picked spots allows for large gatherings and weddings per se because you will need to ask for permission before organizing anything large.

But of course, most of the people who want to run the ceremony in Kauai, come here for a beach wedding. Go through this post to see the top 5 wedding destinations in Kauai.

While Kauai is the perfect spot for a beach wedding, do make sure to read the next tip that runs through all the limitations you should anticipate.

Tip #4: Know About Your Limitations

All Kauai beaches are public so you don’t have a private beach workaround. And this means that you should comply with the public rules.

Kauai County Law doesn’t allow for gatherings that exceed 30 people. So if you’re in for a bigger wedding, a beach would not be the right spot.

Also, you have some decorative limitations—no archways or guest chairs.

Tip #5: Make it Hawaiian

Since you’re coming to Kauai for your wedding, why make it look just the way you’d have it back in your country? Add all the amazing signature Kauaian elements to your wedding:

  • Serve Hawaiian food: the regional cuisine is very lush so make sure to include all the local dishes that blend the perks of Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and even French cuisine. Serve local pupus (appetizers) as well as all the riches coming from the ocean and Hawaiian land.
  • Include Luau elements: some even choose to have the ceremony fully Luau-style. But even if you don’t want to take it that far, integrate some Luau elements—the signature lei necklaces, hula dancing, and ukulele playing.

Over to You

Every wedding is absolutely unique. But there are few features that are a part of any ceremony—you should have a stunning location, you should have the bureaucratic matters all set, and…the ceremony itself.

Considering you’re not a Kauai local, we hope these key tips will help you get all the technicalities right—and the rest is up to your budget, desires, and imagination.

Editor’s Note: This article was first published on March 26, 2022 and has been updated regularly since then for relevance and comprehensiveness. 

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